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Pooo by StarburstAlicorn Pooo :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 0 0 Pokemon by StarburstAlicorn Pokemon :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 2 0 Found in the snow by StarburstAlicorn Found in the snow :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 6 happy b-day slykiteyn! by StarburstAlicorn happy b-day slykiteyn! :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 1 humaniod dusk refrance by StarburstAlicorn humaniod dusk refrance :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 1 the newest pirate (five nights at wolfy's) by StarburstAlicorn the newest pirate (five nights at wolfy's) :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 3 4 Toy Dusk (welcome to freddy's!) by StarburstAlicorn Toy Dusk (welcome to freddy's!) :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 0 0 five nights at Wolfy's : starburst the pirate by StarburstAlicorn five nights at Wolfy's : starburst the pirate :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 2 2 Crystalkits family by StarburstAlicorn Crystalkits family :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 0 Spirit (my fursona) by StarburstAlicorn Spirit (my fursona) :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 0 Chibi Toy Dusk by StarburstAlicorn Chibi Toy Dusk :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 0 Ask one eye :D !! by StarburstAlicorn Ask one eye :D !! :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 0 0 Dusk the Dragon by StarburstAlicorn Dusk the Dragon :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 1 0 One Eye X EJ by StarburstAlicorn One Eye X EJ :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 0 0 Neon rose the holo pony by StarburstAlicorn Neon rose the holo pony :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 3 0 Robot Starburst equestria girls by StarburstAlicorn Robot Starburst equestria girls :iconstarburstalicorn:StarburstAlicorn 0 0


whitewood by whitekitestrings whitewood :iconwhitekitestrings:whitekitestrings 32 2 Genderbent: Emma by Chibi-Works Genderbent: Emma :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 173 6 When Slender Is Away by Chibi-Works When Slender Is Away :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 456 88
Merciless|Genocide!Undertale x Reader PT 2
*But nobody came.
You've gotten that same message as you wandered through the once happy land of the Underground, now a desolate, empty land..with no one else alive in Snowdin, Waterfall, or the Hotlands. Their deaths were by your hand..but they were Monsters; in the end they would've betrayed you, stabbed you in the back for their own selfish reasons--just like those on the Surface had done to you.
*You felt your sins crawling up your back.
The voice inside your head, the demonic possession that was forcing you fight, encouraged you on wards, even if that pesky flower wasn't around to do so.
Watching the ones who might have been your friends turn to dust drove you mad. Their words have rendered you speechless, and gave you second thoughts, but the voice would not let you succumb to their kind gestures..

Everything about that skeleton was irritating: from his puzzles to his laugh. You knew that he was merely chasing a false dream. He c
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 38 19
Axis x bullied abused wolfhybrid reader part 4
Sorry for the long update
This is requested by :iconhotshot432:
I hope you like this and everyone who read  this
I will say this early, sorry for the wrong grammars and spellings
Warning: Lots Cusses because of Romano. A bit of OCC
Sorry I'm not good in English T-T

Next day
Axis side
"Ve don't you think Y/N is really nice person" Feliciano said cheerfully
Antonio cheerfully agreed
"Si I don't know why people doesn't like her much " He look at Lovino
"What do you think of her Lovi"
Lovino just glared and said
".....I don't care about her Tomato Bastard"
And left without looking back
Romano POV
'Tch bastard' I thought while walking
I was at the back of our school building. My favorite place to relax and no one disturbing me. I stop walking and look at the sky
'What do I think of Y/N?, She's different from other girls I guess. She doesn't think of
me as a model or whatever and She's kinda interesting and cute- Wait what!'
I can feel my face burning
:iconmarialucy1999:Marialucy1999 84 37
Hetaloid!CanadaXTsundere!Reader part 5
You and Canada were sitting in IHOP, waiting for your order. You glanced around the restaurant. Not many customers were here but some were wearing some Japanese attire. You were a little curious but shrugged it off as you glanced back over to your Hetaloid.
He was waiting patiently, smiling happily as he looked through the mini menu that had all the drinks and special dishes. You couldn't help but smile a little at his excitement. He was like a little child, how his lavender eyes sparkled with anticipation.
His eyes look up from the menu to you abruptly. You jump a little in surprise and quickly look away, your face heating up as you tried to pretend that you weren't staring at him. But you heard a soft chuckle and knew that he saw you.
You let out a grumble, shooting a glare at him, “W-what?”
“O-oh nothing.” He said quietly. He smiles and goes back to looking at the small menu.
“Hmph.” You looked around, wondering how much longer till you food arriv
:iconmikavocaloid:Mikavocaloid 110 50
Hetalia x Pokemon!Reader Intro: Normal
(A/N): Alright guys, I have been thinking and I have come up with a Hetalia x Pokemon!Reader series. I'll give the list at the end of this intro. Enjoy!)
You were chilling on your couch like you do every Saturday morning. It's just you, your cat, The Walking Dead, and a half gallon of Rocky Road. Everything was perfect. You released a content sigh, "What could possibly go wrong?"
A short second later, a quick tapping sounded at your door. "I spoke to soon." you grumbled, pausing the show and walking to the door. You undid the lock and opened the door to she your best friend, Chloe. She stood there, a wide smile on her face and what appeared to be a book under her arm.
You sighed, "Hey Clo." "Hey (f/n)! What are you still doin' in your p.j's?" she asked looking over your (favorite cartoon) tee shirt and matching pants. "It's Saturday." You grumbled. "What are you doing here, Chloe?"
She pushed past you into your house, "Well, I'm glad you finally asked." "Why don't you come in." You sig
:icondockheartwarrior:DockheartWarrior 68 23
Hetalia X 2P!Country!Reader- Paradise Found- Ch.12
Hetalia X 2P!Country! Reader
Paradise Found
Chapter 12
“D-damn it….” You muttered to yourself.
He had got you right near the center of your chest.
“So know your protecting them?” Luciano’s voce rang in your head. “You’re just as pathetic as them.”
You heard what sounded to be a reload and breathed in.
‘This is it….’ You thought and waited for your life to end, for the torture to stop. You waited for the pain of being trapped in this hell to finally end.
‘Feliciano?’ Your mind tried to piece together, but it any noise was starting to become echoed or choppy.
More talking began to start again. You were able to pick up on some upset and annoyed voices, several no’s and yes’s.
Than all of a sudden a metal object was dropped in front of you, followed by you being thrown over a shoulder.
‘The voices again….&
:iconthecomicgal:TheComicGal 177 117
Magical Transformation Intro
Magical Transformation
How you wished that you could go into the Hetalia world. It had to be the only thing you could ever want.
But sadly, you were left on the outside. Left to be called a silly fangirl and snubbed by other Anime fans for your love of an Anime they found unworthy.
Lucky for you, there were a lot of Hetalia fans to talk to. You had even met your best friends online thanks to the anime.
Usually thinking about how you had met them lifted your spirits. Not today.
Today you were depressed by the fact that your favorite Anime wasn't real.
Lying on your bed, you stared listlessly at the ceiling.
"_______, package for you!"
Propping yourself on your elbows, you looked towards your bedroom door.
A package? You hadn't ordered anything and it was nowhere near your birthday. Had the mailman accidently delivered it to the wrong house?
Hurrying to the door, you stared down at the package.
'For Miss ________. Enjoy.'
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 224 227
HetaliaXReader: Waving Flag Ch. 1
If you guys havn't read the intro yet, you should probably go to the discription first and find it, or this won't make a lick of sence to you XD Thank You!

It had been a week, and Germany still hadn't gotten back to your idea. He had told you he would pick out twelve countries to participate in the event, but you doubt he even did that. But then again, this was Germany we were talking about. He was usually on top of everything that had to deal with work. And yet not a phone call or text had come youre way since the last meeting. Every night since then, you had stayed home just in case a call did happen to come. But now, sitting on your couch, you decided it was just a lost cause.
Too bad, too. A little part of you had wanted to pick out a sport with your friends from around the world. Being you, you'd probably want something like cross country. You had always been good at running, and more famous sports like football and basketball had nev
:icongoingmadhatter:GoingMadHatter 252 100
Hetalia x Young Country Reader
(Country name) was currently running for her young life. Everywhere she looked was disaster. Her beautiful country was falling apart; almost everything was lying in ruins. Being such a young country, she didn’t know what to do.  The last of her soldiers were desperately trying to fight off the numerous enemy troops that invaded her home land.
Her boss had cowardly fled the dying country, leaving her and her people venerable for the current overthrow and destruction. She knew she had to think of something fast to save her people.
Why did this happen? What had she done wrong? She truly thought they cared for her.
(C/N) was on her way to the World Meeting looking forward to see her friends again. What she didn’t know was that the Axis and Allies were planning on taking the young country for themselves. All the other countries knew this so they didn’t show up for this meeting, not wanting to get involved.
You entered the meeting room with your usual friend
:iconxironrose:Xironrose 1,389 1,275
Mature content
Experiment!Romano x Experiment!Reader: Caged [REQ] :iconsherryveramuto:SherryVeramuto 190 176
Fnaf Rp stamp by PugsAndHugs219 Fnaf Rp stamp :iconpugsandhugs219:PugsAndHugs219 114 46 Api Arrangement B Miku by Sushi-Kittie Api Arrangement B Miku :iconsushi-kittie:Sushi-Kittie 25 4



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